Shipping & returns

    Within 30 Days:

    • The consumer has the right to replace or return the product and refund its value within 30 days of the date of purchase if it is marred by defect or not conforming to the specifications or for the purpose for which it was contracted, in accordance with the instructions of the Egyptian Customer Protection Agency (article 21 of the law) and the consumer must submit the purchase invoice in addition to all the belongings of the device and packaging of the device.
    • After 30 days, the consumer will not have the right to claim the replacement or return of the product and refund its value and the consumer must return to customer service to submit a maintenance order for the product.

    Within 14 Days:

    • The consumer has the right to replace or return the item with the refund of its cash value , without giving any reasons and without incurring any expenses (Excluding shipping cost) within 14 days of receipt ( except for Personal Care Products ) - Article 17 of the Law - without violating any legal guarantees or conditions with the following charges:
      1. If the item is not in the same condition as it was at the time of sale for a reason due to the consumer. (Not used, in the same condition as packaging).
      2. If it is one of the goods that are manufactured based on special specifications specified by the consumer.

    In case the product is in the same original condition:

    • In case the customer does not want the product and wants a full refund, the order will be received from the customer after confirming the purchase invoice and the status of the product and the full amount will be refunded to the customer.
    • For air conditioning, the amount of 300 pounds is deducted for the transfer of the device to the customer and return to the device again.
    • The amount is refunded to the customer in the same way the payment method that the customer used for the completion of the purchase process with the customer incurring administrative expenses of 2.5% of the value of the device for the benefit of the electronic payment service providers.

    In the case of the product other than the original condition specified by the law:

    In case the customer's desire within 14 days of receiving the product is the refund of the device or refund its value, the customer is not entitled according to the law to request a refund of the value or return the device, but an exception on this legal material is a replacement of the product or refund of its value with the customer bearing 5% of the value of the product for packaging in the case of the products in general. In addition to 300 pounds in the case of air conditioning with the consumer's tolerance of the administrative expenses mentioned in the previous point.